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Metal-on-metal bearings: the evidence so far

Author(s): Haddad FS, Thakrar RR, Hart AJ, Skinner JA, Nargol AV, et al.

Interleukin 34 expression is associated with synovitis severity in rheumatoid arthritis patients

Author(s): Chemel M, Le Goff B, Brion R, Cozic C, Berreur M, et al.

Two cases of hemichorea-hemiballism with nonketotic hyperglycemia: a new point of view

Author(s): Battisti Carla, Forte Francesca, Rubenni Elisa, Dotti Maria Teresa, Bartali Anna, et al.

Toronto Diabetic Neuropathy Expert Group

Author(s): Tesfaye S, Boulton AJ, Dyck PJ, Freeman R, Horowitz M, et al.

The fundamental basis of inflammatory bowel disease

Author(s): Strober W, Fuss I, Mannon P

The complete genome of an individual by massively parallel DNA sequencing

Author(s): Wheeler DA, Srinivasan M, Egholm M, Shen Y, Chen L, et al.

Limiting drilling parameters to avoid or mitigate mud losses in the Hartha formation, Rumaila Field, Iraq

Author(s): Al-Hameedi AT, Dunn-Norman S, Alkinani HH, Flori RE, Hilgedick SA

Common mental disorders in postconflict settings

Author(s): De Jong JT, Komproe IH, Van Ommeren M

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