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Pregnancy and multiple sclerosis

Author(s): Sadovnick AD, Eisen K, Hashimoto SA, Farquhar R, Yee IM, et al.

Vertebral coccidioidomycosis: presentation and multidisciplinary management

Author(s): Szeyko LA, Taljanovic MS, Dzioba RB, Rapiejko JL, Adam RD

Magnesium for acute stroke (Intravenous Magnesium Efficacy in Stroke trial): randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Muir KW, Lees KR, Ford I, Davis S; Intravenous Magnesium Efficacy in Stroke (IMAGES) Study Investigators

Proteomic analysis of early left ventricular hypertrophy secondary to hypertension: modulation by antihypertensive therapies

Author(s): Gallego-Delgado J, Lazaro A, Osende JI, Esteban V, Barderas MG, et al.

Cpg Inclusion in Feed Reduces Sea Lice, Lepeophtheirus salmonis, Numbers Following Re-Infection

Author(s): Purcell SL, Friend SE, Covello JM, Donkin A, Groman DB, et al.

Evolution of multipartite genomes in prokaryotes

Author(s): Choudhary M, Cho H, Bavishi A, Trahan C, Myagmarjav BE

Characterizing resistance to Phakopsora pachyrhizi in soybean

Author(s): Miles MR, Bonde MR, Nester SE, Berner DK, Frederick RD, et al.

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