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Microstructural evolutions of aa7055 aluminum alloy under dynamic and quasi-static compressions

Author(s): Xiong Y, Li N, Jiang H, Li Z, Xu Z, et al.


The microstructural evolution of AA7055 aluminum alloy under dynamic impact loading with the strain rate of 1.3 × 104 s−1 controlled by a split Hopkinson pressure bar was investigated, and compared with that under quasi-static mechanical loading in compression with strain rate of 1.0 × 10−3 s−1. The quasi-static-compressed sample exhibited equiaxed dislocation cells, which were different from the elongated and incomplete dislocation cells for the alloy undergoing dynamic compression. The high strain-rate compression also induced the formation of localized shear bands in which the recrystallizations characterized as fine equiaxed grains were observed. The microstructural evolutions under both quasi-static and dynamic compressions are rationalized in terms of the dislocation cell model combined with the dislocation kinetics, in addition to the adiabatic temperature rise in shear bands at high strain rate.