MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 56: 1025-1028

Author(s): Salmonella Oranienburg infections associated with fruit salad served in health-care facilities--northeastern United States and Canada, 2006


Air pollution is rightfully considered as a very real and important threat to our forests. However, determining the possible role of air pollutants in causing changes in forest health and productivity has been difficult. Ever-present diseases, insects, and abiotic stressors (and their continual interactions) must also be monitored to effectively determine what, if any, additional threat is being posed by air pollutants to forests. Recent forest health surveys in northeastern North America have failed to provide evidence of cause-effect for air pollutants as the most likely incitant of certain forest species declines, yet, the public has been led to believe that acid rain and air pollution have caused widespread mortality of forest trees. Recent surveys have proven that our forests are generally healthy and productive.

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