Hydrolysis of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide by choleragen and its A protomer: possible role in the activation of adenylatecyclase

Author(s): Moss J, Manganiello VC, Vaughan M


Choleragen and the isolated A protomer catalyzed the hydrolysis of NAD to ADP-ribose and nicotinamide. The protein with NADase activity (NAD nucleosidase; NAD glycohydrolase, EC 3-2-2-5) migrated on polyacrylamide gels with choleragen, and chromatographed on Bio-Gel P-60 columns with the A protomer. The NADase activity of choleragen and of the A protomer was increased markedly in acetate and phosphate buffers, and enhanced over 10-fold by dithiothreitol in high concentration. NAD hydrolysis was proportional to choleragen concentration; the Michaelis constant for NAD was about 4 mM with both choleragen and the A protomer. The demonstration that the A protomer of choleragen catalyzes an enzymatic reaction involving activation of the ribosyl-nicotinamide bond of NAD, a reaction analogols to those catalyzed by diphtheria toxin, supports the hypothesis that activation of adenylate cyclase by choleragen involves the ADP-ribosylation of an appropriate acceptor protein.

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