For the record: On the origin of ecophilosophy

Author(s): Skolimowski H


Henryk Skolimowski teaches philosophy in the Dept. of Humanities, College of Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 48109. He is the author of Ecophilosophy: Designing New Tactics for Living, Ideas in Progress Series, Marion Boyers, Salem, N.H., 1981, and The Theatre of the Mind: Evolution in the Sensitive Cosmos, Quest Books, Wheaton, Ill., 1984. He has written numerous articles and monographs on technology and environmental philosophy, as well as a booklet on ecotheology. He also leads workshops and seminars in ecoyoga and reverential thinking and publishes a newsletter on ecophilosophy, which comes out irregularly. As mentioned in the text of his article, the section on "Ecological Humanism" was published earlier in the AA Notes No. 38, June-July 1974, pp.1-2, which is a publication of the Architectural Association of England, 34/36 Bedford Square, London. Reprinted here with permission of AA Notes.

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