The conduit metaphor: A case of frame conflict in our language about language

Author(s): Reddy MJ


'The conduit metaphor: A case of frame conflict in our language about language', by Michael J. Reddy, is a classic essay and has been included in the anthology since its first edition. Reddy, in George Lakoff's opinion, showed "that the locus of metaphor is thought" [p.204], and "that our everyday behaviour reflects our metaphorical understanding of experience" [p.204]. His reflection focuses on the 'conduit metaphor', which determines how speakers talk about human communication processing. The conduit metaphor, by simplifying, leads us to consider language as (1) "a conduit, transferring thoughts bodily from one person to another" [p.170]; (2) this kind of action requires that (2) "in writing and speaking, people insert their thoughts or feelings in the words" [p.170]; so (3) words accomplish the transfer by conveying thoughts and feelings to others; finally, (4) receivers extract them once again from the words. (Elisabetta Gola)

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