Validation of death depression scale among tabriz universities students in 2012

Author(s): Aghazadeh SE, Mohammadzadeh A, Rezaie A


Aim and Background: DEATH anxiety, DEATH DEPRESSION, and DEATH obsession are dimensions of pathological attitudes toward DEATH. The scales of DEATH anxiety & DEATH obsession has been validate in Iran. The aim of this study was to investigate validating of DEPRESSION scale/fa?page=1&sort=1&ftyp=all&fgrp=all&fyrs=all" target="_blank">DEATH DEPRESSION SCALE.Methods and Materials: The current study was conducted in survey and cross sectional context. A group of 894 normal participants, using Stratified random sampling method, took part in this research. Participants answered to the DEPRESSION scale/fa?page=1&sort=1&ftyp=all&fgrp=all&fyrs=all" target="_blank">DEATH DEPRESSION SCALE (Templer et al, 1990) and The DEATH Anxiety Scale (Templer, 1970). Data were analyzed using explanatory factor analysis of variance and Pierson correlation methods.Findings: Principal Component Analysis with promax rotation showed multidimensional structure of scale and extracted four factors (49.71percent of total variance) which were labeled DEATH despair, DEATH finality, DEATH loneliness & DEATH acceptance. Concurrent VALIDITY reported parallel using of The DEATH Anxiety Scale, showing good coefficient. However three types of reliabilities, test retest (r= 0.78 p<0.001), split half (r= 0.77 p<0.001) & internal constancy (r= 0.76 p<0.001) were reported.Conclusions: Based on these results, it was concluded that the DEPRESSION scale/fa?page=1&sort=1&ftyp=all&fgrp=all&fyrs=all" target="_blank">DEATH DEPRESSION SCALE has good VALIDITY and RELIABILITY in Iranian population and it can be used, as valid measure, in empirical studies surrounding DEATH distress.

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