Correction of the long face syndrome by Le Fort I results

Author(s): Bell WH, McBride KL


The combined efforts of multiple specialists are needed for the successful treatment of patients with the long face syndrome. The plan of therapy is designed to correct the individual's dentofacial deformity and achieve the best possible occlusion and facial esthetics. Reduction of facial height by surgical means and proper alignment of the teeth by orthodontic and restorative procedures are the common denominators of successful treatment. By properly planned and executed Le Fort I maxillary osteotomies, the vertical dimension of the face can be shortened to improve the esthetic balance between the nose, upper lip, teeth, and chin and to achieve lip competency. Moreover, the transverse and anteroposterior discrepancies can be simultaneously corrected. Various open-bite and non-open-bite maxillary deformities in forty-one adults with the long face syndrome were corrected by Le Fort I osteotomy, orthodontic treatment, and restorative procedures. The technical problems in planning and executing treatment are discussed and illustrated by selected case reports.

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