Lignin and polyphenols as allelochemicals

Author(s): Popa VI, Dumitru M, Volf I, Anghel N


By the microbiological action, lignin from vegetal wastes is transformed at soil level in organic prebiotic products with physiological activity on plants development. On the other hand, some micromolecular compounds resulted from plant wastes decomposition, along with polyphenols coming from extraction of plant residues could play a role of allelochemicals. The understanding of the allelochemical action mechanisms allow us to use these compounds to enhance crop production and develop a more sustainable agriculture, including weed and pest control through crop rotations, residue management and a variety of approaches in biocontrol. Other goals are to adopt allelochemicals as herbicides, pesticides and growth stimulants, modify crop genomes to manipulate allelochemicals production and better elucidate chemical communications between the components of ecosystem. The result obtained in the utilization of lignins and polyphenols as allelochemicals are presented in this review.

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