Length-weight and length-length relationships for some Yangtze River fishes in Tian-e-zhou Oxbow, China

Author(s): Wang T, Wang HS, Sun GW, Huang D, Shen JH


Length–weight and length–length relationships are reported for 32 fish species belonging to seven families and 26 genera from the Tian-e-zhou Oxbow in the middle reach of Yangtze River, near Shishou City, China. The weight (W) - length (L) relationships were estimated using the logarithmic form of the equation W = aLb. The exponent b varied from 2.60 to 3.65 (mean ± SE: 3.12 ± 0.25). The 14 weight–length relationships, 13 length–length relationships, and seven maximum lengths are presented to FishBase for the first time.


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