Length-weight relationship and condition factor of tank goby Glossogobuis giuris (Hamilton and Buchannan, 1822) from Manchar Lake District Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan

Author(s): Achakzai WM, Achakzai SWM, Baloch WA, Qambrani GR, Soomro AN


Abstract: Glossogobuis giuris is a commercial fish and is considered a delicacy and valuable food fish of Pakistan. The fish is widespread in different lakes of Sindh, Pakistan. Fish samples were collected from Manchar Lake District Jamshoro, after super flood of 2010 in Sindh. Total 314 specimens (163 and 151, males and females, respectively) were collected during August 2011 to July 2013 these ranged from 4.8-22 cm in Length (TL) and 2.1- 125.1 g in weight. Length-weight relationship equations were calculated as: W= -1.483 L 2.565 (combined sexes) W= -1.466 L 2.550 (males) and W= -1.517 L 2.595 (females). The relative condition factor (Kn) calculated were, 0.89 -1.10 (Mean 1.0039±0.09), 0.89- 1.11 (Mean 1.0037 ± 0.09) and 0.87 – 1.11 (Mean 1.0043 ±0.09) for combined, males and females, respectively. The Length-weight relationship showed negative allometric in all groups while relative condition factor suggests satisfactory condition of G. giuris in Manchar Lake. This report on length-weight relationships (LWRs) and relative condition factor (Kn) of G. giuris from Manchar Lake is first of its kind from Pakistan. Keywords: Glossogobuis giuris, Manchar Lake, Condition factor, Pakistan

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