Length-weight relationship and diet of African Carp Labeo ogunensis (Boulenger, 1910) in Asejire Lake Southwestern Nigeria

Author(s): Ayoade AA


The length weight relationship and food habit of Labeo ogunensis in Asejire Lake was investigated to determine the growth pattern, dietary feature and position in the food chain. Samples of L.ogunensis were collected from the landing sites of Asejire Lake. Length Weight Relationship (LWR) was described by the equation: W = aLb and the dietary composition were determined from gut content analysis. r for all the LWR were greater 0.82. Different size groups exhibited different growth pattern, although generally the species exhibited isometric growth in the lake. The mean condition value is greater than one. The main food items were phytoplankton, detritus and sand grain. The presence of detritus and sand showed L. ogunensis is a bottom deposit feeder and the high K-factor obtained indicated the fish was able to procure sufficient nutrient from bottom deposit.

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