Influences of hip external rotation strength on knee mechanics during single-leg drop landings in females

Author(s): Lawrence RK, Kernozek TW, Miller EJ, Torry MR, Reuteman P


Background:To determine the influence of hip external rotation strength on kinematic and kinetic variables during single-leg drop landings.

Methods:Females were divided into strong and weak groups based on isometric hip external rotation strength and lower extremity flexion-extension and varus-valgus kinematics and kinetics were evaluated during single-legged 40 cm drop landings.

Findings:Hip external rotation strength had no effect on sagittal or frontal plane angular motion throughout the landing cycle at the hip and knee. The strong group generated a statistically significant decrease in the peak vertical ground reaction force and external knee flexor moment. The weak group produced a greater external knee adduction moment, net knee anterior shear joint reaction force, and a greater hip external adduction moment.

Interpretation:Subjects with greater hip and quadriceps/hamstring strength exhibited a significant decrease in the vertical ground reaction force and external knee adduction and flexor moments. Hip and knee strength appear to relate to differences in high risk landing strategies.

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