(2002) Sector Analysis Of PH Values In The Northeastern Region Of Puerto Rico. J Air Waste Manag Assoc 52: 719-721.

Author(s): Peñalber-Ramos J, Méndez-Tejeda R, Rodríguez-Rosario M


Acid rain precipitation has become a major environmental concern. Many long-range projects in the United States and Europe are devoted to the problems associated with acid rain pollution. In Puerto Rico, there has been no formal study on acid rain. The rainfall pH values and the air-mass trajectory of the northeastern part of the island of Puerto Rico on the surface were analyzed from January 1998 to December 2000. The air-mass trajectory was classified in five different sectors, according to where it originates. The mean pH value measured during that period showed a tendency toward acidity. The 80% of the air-mass trajectory that arrived at the station occurred in Sector I, with a pH value of 4.30. The lowest pH value measured was 4.16, and it occurred in Sector V, where the air mass originates in the northwest part of the island.

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