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Advances in management of atopic dermatitis: new therapies and novel uses of existing treatments

Author(s): Chase EP, Armstrong AW


Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic inflammatory skin condition marked by intensely
pruritic, eczematous changes. First-line therapy includes topical corticosteroids during an
exacerbation and long-term emollient use, followed by topical calcineurin inhibitors, phototherapy,
and systemic therapy in more difficult cases. The need for more effective AD
therapies with safer side effect profiles has pushed researchers to devise new therapies
and to recycle traditional treatments for use in a novel manner. Innovative therapies include
barrier therapy, novel antistaphylococcal treatments, new immunomodulatory agents, unconventional
antipruritic agents, exclusionary diets, and probiotics. Advancements in these
options have paved the way for a targeted approach to AD therapy. We will review the latest
clinical research exploring these cutting-edge AD treatment modalities and discuss forward-
thinking therapy strategies that use conventional AD medications in a novel manner.

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