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Clinical consequences of targeting IL-17 and TH17 in autoimmune and allergic Disorders

Author(s): Robinson KM, Manni ML, Biswas PS, Alcorn JF


The TH17 lineage of T cells and its canonical cytokine IL-17 have been the focus of many recent studies in autoimmune, allergic, and infectious disease. In this review, we will briefly discuss the current knowledge about the role of these cells and IL-17 in a spectrum of disorders. It is clear that IL-17 plays pathogenic roles in certain conditions while the same pathway is critically important to immunity in others. Targeting of TH17 cells or IL-17 therapeutically may impart many benefits, but this approach is not without potentially serious implications regarding host defense. These issues will be discussed herein as we evaluate pharmacological approaches targeting this pathway that are just beginning to be fully tested in human disease.

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