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Penicillin: the new/old wonder drug

Author(s): Allen HB, Hossain C, Abidi N, Larijani M, Joshi SG


Penicillin (PCN) has been shown to treat psoriasis effectively and be curative in many cases. Streptococcus is the organism responsible for beginning the process and has previously escaped detection by moving intra-cellularly or by forming biofilms. The treatment is low dose for many months and thus is similar to rheumatic fever. Arthritis has been shown to be caused by biofilm-forming dental and Lyme treponemes and these organisms, like the Streptococcus in psoriasis, have escaped detection. Penicillin, plus a biofilm-dispersing agent is effective in treating arthritis in which tissue destruction has not already occurred. Alzheimer��?s disease has been shown to be caused by those same treponemes involved in arthritis, and, is in every way, similar to the dementia of neurosyphilis caused by Treponema pallidum. These organisms make biofilms that induce B amyloid and a Toll-like receptor 2 response leading to tissue destruction. Penicillin given prior to the organisms arrival in the brain (or before they create biofilms) would effectively prevent dementia in Alzheimer��?s as it does in syphilis. We have shown that biofilm-forming staphylococci are integral to the etiology of atopic dermatitis. Along with standard corticosteroid therapy, antibacterial treatment, as opposed to antibiotics, appears to be a better treatment in AD because all the organisms are multidrug resistant and 60% are MRSA or MSRE. Treatment with PCN in psoriasis, arthritis, and syphilis, has thus far not led to resistance and may actually prevent resistance by killing organisms before they make biofilms and share resistance genes.

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