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Stem cell therapy as a novel therapeutic intervention for resistant cases of alopecia areata and androgenetic alopecia

Author(s): Ibrahim ZA, Elmaadawi IH, Mohamed BM, Abdou SM, El Attar YA, et al.


Background: Management of alopecia areata (AA) and androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is often challenging as patients may be resistant to currently available modalities of treatment. The use of stem cells may be a novel option for resistant cases.

Objective: To evaluate the safety and efficacy of the use of autologous bone marrow derived mononuclear cells (including stem cells) as compared to follicular stems cells for the management of resistant cases of AA and AGA.

Methods: This study included 40 patients (20 AA patients and 20 AGA patients), all patients were treated with a single session of intradermal injection of autologous stem cells (SCs) therapy. They were divided into four groups according to the applied modality [either autologous bone marrow derived mononuclear cells (bone marrow mononuclear cells [BMMCs] or autologous follicular stem cells [FSC]).

Results: Six months after stem cell therapy (SCT) injection, there was a significant improvement, confirmed by immunostaining and digital dermoscopy. The mean improvement in all groups was “very good”. There was no significant difference between both methods in either type of alopecia. No serious adverse events were reported.

Conclusion: Autologous BMMCs and FSC seem to be a safe tolerable and effective treatment for the management of both resistant AA and AGA.

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