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Thiazolidinedione derivatives as novel agents against Propionibacterium acnes biofilms

Author(s): Brackman G, Forier K, Al quntar AA, De Canck E, Enk CD, et al.



The aim of the present study was to determine the effect of two thiazolidinedione derivatives on Propionibacterium acnes biofilm formation in vitro and to assess their effect on the susceptibility of P. acnes biofilms towards antimicrobials.

Methods and Results

The compounds were shown to have a moderate to strong antibiofilm activity when used in subinhibitory concentrations. These compounds do not affect P. acnes attachment but lead to increased dispersal of biofilm cells. This dispersal results in an increased killing of the P. acnes biofilm cells by conventional antimicrobials.


The antibiofilm effect and the effect on biofilm susceptibility of the thiazolidinedione-derived quorum sensing inhibitors were clearly demonstrated.

Significance and Impact of the Study

Propionibacterium acnes infections are difficult to treat due to the presence of biofilms at the infection site and the associated resistance towards conventional antimicrobials. Our results indicate that these thiazolidinedione derivatives can be promising leads used for the treatment of P. acnes infections and as anti-acne drugs.

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