Effects of pitavastatin on adiponectin in patients with hyperlipidemia

Author(s): Inami N, Nomura S, Shouzu A, Omoto S, Kimura Y, et al.


The effects of treatment with pitavastatin on inflammatory and platelet activation markers and adiponectin in 117 patients with hyperlipidemia were investigated to determine whether pitavastatin may prevent the progression of atherosclerotic changes in hyperlipidemic patients. Adiponectin levels prior to pitavastatin treatment in hyperlipidemic patients with and without diabetes were lower than levels in normolipidemic controls. Both total cholesterol and the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol decreased significantly after pitavastatin administration. Additionally, hyperlipidemic patients with or without type 2 diabetes exhibited a significant increase in adiponectin levels 6 months after pitavastatin treatment (diabetes: 3.52 +/- 0.80 vs. 4.52 +/- 0.71 microg/ml, p < 0.001; no diabetes: 3.48 +/- 0.71 vs. 4.23 +/- 0.82 microg/ml, p < 0.05). However, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, platelet-derived microparticle and soluble P-selectin did not exhibit any differences before or after pitavastatin administration. Levels of adiponectin significantly increased after pitavastatin administration in the group of lower soluble P-selectin (soluble P-selectin before pitavastatin treatment <200 ng/ml). These results suggest that pitavastatin possesses an adiponectin-increasing effect in patients with hyperlipidemia and this effect is influenced by intensive platelet activation.

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