The effect of short-interval laparoscopic lysis of adhesions on pregnancy rates following Nd-YAG laser photocoagulation of polycystic ovaries

Author(s): Gurgan T, Urman B, Aksu T, Yarali H, Develioglu O, et al.


Laparoscopic Nd-YAG laser photocoagulation of the ovaries was performed in 40 anovulatory women with clomiphene citrate-resistant polycystic ovary disease. Following this procedure, the subjects were randomly assigned to have either a second-look laparoscopy with lysis of adhesions within 3-4 weeks of the initial laparoscopy (N = 19) or expectant management (N = 20). One patient assigned to the laparoscopy group refused the procedure. Minimal and mild adhesions that did not distort the normal tubo-ovarian relationship were encountered in 13 patients (68%) in the second-look laparoscopy group; these adhesions were easily lysed using sharp or blunt dissection. The pregnancy rates over 6 months were similar in the two groups (47% in the second-look group and 55% in the expectant-management group; P greater than .05). These data suggest that early laparoscopic lysis of adhesions does not improve short-term conception rates following laparoscopic Nd-YAG laser photocoagulation of polycystic ovaries.

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