Influence of autolysis conditions on the properties of amino-acid mixtures produced by ethanol-assimilating yeast

Author(s): Belousova NI, Gordienko SV, Eroshin VK


The influence of the enzyme preparation - macerate, concentration of the yeast biomass in the reaction medium, and chloroform on the autolysis of the ethanol assimilating yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae BKM-Y-2656, BKM-Y-2465, and the baker's yeast r. L-2 was studied. Amino acid mixtures were isolated from the yeast autolysates. The use of macerate and a decrease in the biomass concentration were shown to increase the yield of the amino acid mixtures. The use of chloroform positively influenced the baker's yeast autolysis. Conditions of the joint action of these factors on the intensification of the process of the amino acid mixtures preparation based on the autolysis were determined.

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