The Correlation of the Amino Acid Composition of Proteins with their Nutritive Value

Author(s): Block RJ , Mitchell HH


The nutritive value of a protein can be predicted by comparing its amino acid composition with the target figures. An improved relationship between chemical score (C.S.) and biological value (B.V.) has been obtained by using new target values5 measuring the B.V. of a range of amino acid mixtures. For B.V.'s between 40 and 100 (which includes most foods) C.S. is numerically equal to B.V. For B.V.'s below 30 the straight line curves in a manner depending on the limiting amino acid. Mixtures lacking only lysine (i.e. C.S. zero) have B.V. 30: those lacking histidine, leucine + isoleucine, tryptophan or phenylalanine B.V. 20: those lacking threonine or cystine + methionine B.V. zero. With the availability of improved amino acid analysis (Stein And Moore) it should now be possible to predict nutritive value more precisely.

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