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2nd ICSU Regional Consultative Forum for Africa- Conference Report

Author(s): Anon


The International Science Council (ISC) is the world’s premier representative scientific organization and as such has a particular set of responsibilities and challenges. It works on behalf of the international scientific community to advance science, to catalyse and convene scientific expertise, and to provide advice and influence on issues of major concern to both science and society. These roles are growing in need and importance in a changing environment. The Council’s growing membership comprises national academies, research councils and other scientific organizations in over 140 countries, 40 international scientific unions and associations and many associated scientific bodies and networks. Through its members and associates, its partnerships with other international scientific organizations, UN agencies and inter-governmental bodies, and its wider networks of expertise, the Council is unique in its capacity to bring together scientific excellence and science policy expertise from all fields of science and all regions of the world.

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