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Spatial distribution of heavy metal concentrations in urban, suburban and agricultural soils in a Mediterranean city of Algeria

Author(s): Maas S, Scheifler R, Benslama M, Crini N, Lucot E, et al.



As part of a larger program aiming at assessing transfer and effects of metals in food webs, this work studied the spatial distribution of Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb, and Zn in 101 sub-surface soils, systematically sampled (1 x 1 km regular grid) over a large area around Annaba, the fourth most-populated city of Algeria. Cd and Cr exhibited only one abnormally high value, with all other concentrations being close to pedogeological background. Some places in the centre of the city were polluted by Pb (up to 823 mg kg(-1)), probably due to aerial deposition from gasoline exhausts. Zn never exceeded regulatory limits over the whole sampling area. Cu was the only element for which a spatial autocorrelation occurred. A spatial interpolation by cokriging allowed the identification of agricultural activities as the main Cu pollution source. Our approach revealed various anthropogenic pollution sources, more efficiently for large-scale patterns than for local abnormalities.

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