Novel Cosic resonance (standing wave) solutions for components of the JAK-STAT cellular signaling pathway: A convergence of spectral density profiles

Author(s): Karbowski LM, Murugan NJ, Persinger MA


Cosic discovered that spectral analyses of a protein sequence after each constituent amino acid had been transformed into an appropriate pseudopotential predicted a resonant energy between interacting molecules. Several experimental studies have verified the predicted peak wavelength of photons within the visible or near-visible light band for specific molecules. Here, this concept has been applied to a classic signaling pathway, JAK-STAT, traditionally composed of nine sequential protein interactions. The weighted linear average of the spectral power density (SPD) profiles of each of the eight "precursor" proteins displayed remarkable congruence with the SPD profile of the terminal molecule (CASP-9) in the pathway. These results suggest that classic and complex signaling pathways in cells can also be expressed as combinations of resonance energies.

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