Greater electroencephalographic coherence between left and right temporal lobe structures during increased geomagnetic activity

Author(s): Saroka KS, Caswell JM2, Lapointe A3, Persinger MA4


Interhemispheric coherence for 19 channel EEG activity collected over a three year period from 184 men and women who relaxed in a quiet, darkened chamber showed significant increased coherence between caudal temporal regions for the 11 Hz frequency band during increased (>∼8 nT) global geomagnetic activity at the time of measurement. Detailed analyses from source-localization indicated that a likely origin was the parahippocampal regions whose net differences at 10, 11 and 12 Hz intervals were significantly correlated with geomagnetic activity. Analyses of residuals to obtain a "purer" measure of parahippocampal contributions indicated that interhemispheric temporal lobe coherence across unit increments between 1 and 40 Hz revealed the most statistically significant peaks at 7.5 Hz and 19.5 Hz. These weak but reliable correlations between global geomagnetic activity and the degree of inter-temporal lobe coherence for normal people relaxing in a dark, quiet area are consistent with the results of multiple studies indicating that intrusive experiences such as "presences" or "hallucinations" are more frequent when global geomagnetic activity increases above ∼15-20 nT.

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