Multi-MUP EMG analysis--a two year experience in daily clinical work

Author(s): Stålberg E, Falck B, Sonoo M, Stålberg S, Aström M


A new quantitative motor unit potential (MUP) analysis method, called multi-MUP analysis, is described. Multi-MUP analysis is a type of decomposition analysis of the EMG signal. At each site 6 different MUPs may be recorded during an epoch of 4.8 sec. Calculation time is about 3 sec. A study of 20-30 MUPs including editing takes 4-8 min. Compared to many earlier MUP analysis methods it is faster and more user friendly, therefore it can be used in daily routine EMG analysis. The accuracy and reliability of the method are good. The differences from methods based on manual analysis, spike triggered averaging, template matching and decomposition are discussed. The main advantages of multi-MUP analysis are: (1) quick acquisition of many MUPs; (2) simultaneous collection of several MUPs at one recording site; (3) possibility to analyze not only low threshold MUPs; (4) less bias in the selection of MUPs; and (5) the reproducibility of the results that allow the same reference values to be used in different laboratories. So far we have successfully used this method for 2 years on more than 2000 patients.

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