Synaptic interaction of vagal afferents and catecholaminergic neurons in the rat nucleus tractussolitarius

Author(s): Sumal KK, Blessing WW, Joh TH, Reis DJ, Pickel VM


Combined radioautography and immunocytochemistry were used to define the ultrastructure and synaptic relations between vagal sensory afferents and catecholaminergic (CA) neurons of the A2 group located within the nucleus tractus solitarius (NTS) of rat brain. The vagal afferents were radioautographically labeled by tritiated amino acids anterogradely transported from the nodose ganglion. Immunocytochemical labeling for tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) served for the identification of catecholaminergic neurons. The radiographically labeled axons seen by light microscopy were widely distributed throughout the more caudal NTS. The reduced silver grains were more densely distributed within the NTS located homolateral to the injected nodose ganglion. The radioautographically labeled processes were localized in regions containing catecholaminergic neurons as indicated by immunoreactivity for TH. Electron microscopic analysis of the medial NTS at the level of the obex demonstrated that the reduced silver grains were localized within axon terminals. The radioautographically labeled terminals were 2-3 microns in diameter, contained numerous small, clear and a few large, dense vesicles, and formed predominately axodendritic synapses. Many of the recipient dendrites contained immunoreactivity for TH. In rare instances, vagal afferents formed synaptic appositions with both TH-labeled and unlabeled axon terminals and neuronal soma. This study provides the first ultrastructural evidence that the catecholaminergic neurons within the NTS receive direct synapses from sensory neurons in the nodose ganglion.

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