Technique for collecting cerebrospinal fluid in the cisterna magna of non-anesthetized rats

Author(s): Consiglio AR, Lucion AB


We developed a technique for collecting cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the cisterna magna in non-anesthetized adult and young pup rats. In the adults, CSF was collected through a previously implanted guide cannula without previous disruption of the cisterna magna. In the pups, CSF was directly aspirated through a syringe from the cisterna in awake animals without previous surgery. In the adults, the volume of CSF collected varied from 50 to 120 microl, and in pups 7 to 10 days old, it was approximately 25 microl. The technique can easily be done by anyone who is familiar with stereotaxic surgery, and the material needed is cheap and easy to obtain commercially. A simple procedure to calculate the parameters for the implantation of guide cannula in rats other than Wistar ones is also presented.

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