Towards clinical application of mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of neurological diseases of the central nervous system

Author(s): Laroni A, Novi G, Kerlero de Rosbo N, Uccelli A


The diagnosis of a neurological disease of the central nervous system (CNS) is often associated with the anticipation of an irreversible and untreatable disability. This is the case also of multiple sclerosis (MS) where approved treatments effectively modulate the autoimmune attack to myelin antigens, but poorly affect neurodegeneration and do not promote tissue repair. Thus, stem cell-based therapies are increasingly being considered a possible strategy for diseases of the CNS. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), the safety of which has been demonstrated in the last 20 years through clinical trials and case studies, are of particular interest in view not only of their neuroprotective, but also of their immunomodulatory properties. Here, we review the therapeutic features of MSC that make them relevant in the treatment of CNS illnesses and discuss the pioneer clinical experience with MSC-based therapy in neurological diseases.

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