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An assessment on the impact of wind forcing on simulation and validation of wave spectra at coastal Puducherry, east coast of India

Author(s): Umesh PA, Bhaskaran PK, Sandhya KG, Balakrishnan Nair TM


In context to application of numerical ocean wave prediction, the validation of ocean wave spectra is a research topic of active interest. This study summarizes the results of validation performed with wave spectra using SWAN model off coastal Puducherry, located in the east coast of India. The impact of wind forcing from ECMWF ERA Interim winds and QuikSCAT-NCEP blended winds on resultant wave spectra has also been studied. The study signifies a good correlation between model wave spectra and in-situ observations. Impact of using the two wind field products in predicting extreme wave events was analyzed considering a storm case of November 2008.

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