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Contributions to the study of the marine algae in the Red Sea

Author(s): Aleem AA


A history of marine algal investigations on the Saudi Arabian Red Sea Coast, since the first collection made by Forsskal in 1762, is given. The number of species recorded so far is relatively small. The present list entails 16 species of blue green algae all of which are new records to the ArabianCoast. The Chlorophyta comprises 27 spp. of which 15 spp. arenew records to this coast. Phaeophyta also amounts ro 27 spp. of which 19 spp. are new records. while Rhodophyta comprises 35 spp. of which 25 spp. are new to the Saudi Coast. The following species are new additions to the Red Sea algal flora: Chroococcus turgidus Microcoleus chthonop1arte.s Symploca muscorum Tydemania expeditionis Padina boryana Dictyopteris delicatula Asterocycris ramosa These are in addition to the species newly recorded for the Red Sea from al-Ghardaqa, Egypt (Aleem, 1978, I & 11).

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