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Detection of the bottom facies characteristics at El Zeit Bay, Red Sea, by using a single-beam acoustic sound

Author(s): Hamouda AZ, El-Wahhab MA


El Zeit Bay is a semi-closed area with a rectangular shape which south side is connected witu northwestern side of Red Sea. The study was done to detect the characteristics of the bottom facies at El Zeit Bay. Single-beam seabed echoes combined with diving survey and sediments analyses were used to detect sea bed characteristics. The seabed floor of the study area is characterized by three physiographical distinct bottom facies; sand facies: floral facies and coral patches facies. Sand facies lies at very shallow water it extended from shore line to depth about 2 m. It has very fine sand size intercalated by mud sediments. It is characterized by very poor benthos. Floral bottom facies has medium sand which characterized by rich floral vegetation this flora appear in scattered and irregular forms. It is observed at an average depth from 4 m to 6 m. Coral patches facies is characterized by the presence of coarse sediments. The coral reef covers about 40% of the study area (29.5% hard corals and 10.5% is soft ones) while the rest of the area (60%) is characterized by different benthos. In communities general, his area characterized by high biodiversity.

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