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Effect of mangrove detrital outwelling on nutrient regeneration andoxygen fluxes in coastal sediments of the central {Great} {Barrier} {Reef} lagoon

Author(s): Alongi DM


The effect of tidal outwelling of mangrove detritus on sediment nutrient chemistry, nutrient regeneration and oxygen fluxes in a coastal area of the central Great Barrier Reef lagoon was examined. Organic carbon and total nitrogen concentrations ranged from 0·2 to 3·9% and 0·01 to 0·18% by sediment dry weight (DW), respectively, and were highest at stations receiving the greatest quantities of mangrove litter. Total phosphorus concentrations ranged from 0·013 to 0·048% by DW, but did not relate to outwelling. C:N:P. ratios ranged from 29:6:1 at the site receiving the least amount of detritus to a high of 397:17:1 at the station receiving the most litter.

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