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Opisthosomal fusion and phylogeny of Paleozoic Xiphosura

Author(s): Anderson LI, Selden PA


Fusion of opisthosomal tergites to form a thoracetron has previously been considered a characteristic of the xiphosuran superfamilies Euproopoidea Eller, 1938, and Limuloidea Zittel, 1885. Evidence is presented here that fusion also occurs in Bellinuroidea Zittel & Eastman, 1913. Results of a cladistic analysis of Palaeozoic xiphosuran genera indicate that Synziphosurina Packard, 1886, is a paraphyletic assemblage of stem-group Xiphosura. Superfamily Paleolimulidae superfam. nov. is erected for families Paleolimulidae Raymond

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