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Pcriphyton flora in the coastal water of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Khomayis HS, Harbi SMA


This study aims to reveal the adhered phytoplankton cells; with special reference to diatoms in the coastal waters of Jeddah. This would require the classification of fouling constituents of diatoms on artificially exposed surfaces and to investigate their spatial and temporal variations. Hollow boxes like frames with steel, galvanized steel and fiber glass panels are immersed at two sites to study the process of biofouling. The periphyton cells were scrapped off the panel surface to determine phytoplankton speciations and counts. The comprehensive data will enable the investigators to establish the process and nature of periphyton. The study of the nature and process of biofouling in coastal waters of Jeddah is of substantial importance because of the adverse effects of biofouling on coastal structures, oil platf

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