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Sea State Hindcast with ECMWF data using a Spectral wave model for typical monsoon months

Author(s): Prasad KB, Kalra R, Dube SK, Sinha PC, Rao AD


A third generation wave prediction model (WAM) suitably modified for the Indianseas was used to simulate the sea state during typical monsoon months of July 1987,88 and 89. During July 1987, small-scale disturbances over the Arabian Sea and theBay of Bengal as reported from earlier works were noticed in the wave hindcast. Thegridded monthly averaged wave heights for the above periods were compared with theGEOSAT altimeter data. A comparison between model computed wave parameters andavailable ship observations was also carried out for July 1987, 88 and 89.The modelwas run with ECMWF analyzed wind field for a period of one month. The comparisonshowed that the wave heights from the model matches with those from GEOSATAltimeter and ships of opportunity.

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