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Seasonal feeding habits, reproduction, and distribution of (Stomatopoda: Harpiosquillidae) in the Beibu Gulf, South China Sea

Author(s): Yan Y, Zhang Y, Wu G, He X, Zhao C, et al.


Harpiosquilla harpax, a mantis shrimp, serves an important role in both commercial fisheries and benthic food webs in tropical and subtropical marine areas. Yet its population biology and ecology remain poorly understood. In this study, seasonal, independent surveys were conducted in August 2010, November 2010, February 2011 and May 2011 in the Beibu Gulf (formerly the Gulf of Tonkin), South China Sea. It was observed that H. harpax dominated the Stomatopoda catch, accounting for more than 80% of the total mantis shrimp caught in the survey areas.

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