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Some characteristics of oceanic fisheries in coastal Vietnam in 2012

Author(s): Hùng BT, Nghĩa NV, Linh NĐ, Vụ TV


The analysis results show that, in 2012, the sea water temperature in the two monsoons is significantly different between the regions in the studied sea area with the general temperature in the southwest monsoon season being higher than in the northeast monsoon season. In the southwest monsoon season in the studied sea, low-temperature water areas appear around Bach Long Vy island and in the area with the activity of upwelling in the south central region with the range from latitude 100N -130N spreading to outside longitude 1110E. In both surveys, sea water temperature spikes appeared in most of the study areas, especially in the Southwest Sea (TNB) during the October-December survey, where the sea water temperature was from the surface of the sea. to the bottom is homogeneous, the reason because this area was sampled at the end of the survey period is the time when the northeast monsoon has operated stably, causing strong disturbance. The 240C isotherm surface occurs mainly in the Central Coast (MTR) and the Southeast (South East) and is common at depths of 50-70m. Sea water salinity fluctuates strongly and is influenced by continental currents, especially the Gulf of Tonkin (VBB) and TNB, the range of influence can reach the sea 120 nautical miles from the coast. Areas with high chlorophyll-a content include the coastal areas of VBB, TNB and around active upwelling areas, which are also areas where spawning grounds are distributed and have high densities of pelagic fish. The concentration of chlorophyll-a in the MTR and SE waters usually peaks at a depth of about 40-70m, in the VBB and TNB waters, chlorophyll-a peaks at a depth of about 10 to 30m.

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