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Species composition of the epiphytic diatoms of the leaf tissues of three Zosteraspecies distributed on the southern coast of Korea

Author(s): Chung MH, Lee KS


The epiphytic diatom flora living on leaf tissues of Zostera marina, Z. japonica and Z. caespitosa at three study sites (Dadae, Gabae, and Jangmok) located in Geoje Island has been examined from July 2001 to March 2002 bimonthly. Total 81 species in 26 genera of diatoms have been observed on leaf tissues of the 3 Zostera species throughout the present study. Cocconeis spp. were predominant on Z. japonica, whereas Navicula spp. and Nitzschia spp. were predominant on Z. marina and Z. caespitosa. The community structure of the diatom assemblages varied according to the seagrass species. Species compositions of epiphytic diatoms appear to be closely related to morphology and lifespan of seagrasses.

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