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Standard potential of the AgCl(s)+½ H2(g)=Ag(s)+HCl(aq) cell and the dissociation constant of bisulfate ion in synthetic sea water from 273

Author(s): Dickson AG


The standard potential of the reaction: AgCl(s) +12H2(g) = Ag(s) + HCl(aq), has been measured in synthetic sea water in a galvanic cell from 273.15 to 318.15 K, and at five ionic strengths corresponding to salinities from 5 to 45. Measurements were made at various hydrochloric-acid molalities, and the results extrapolated to a pure ionic medium. These results allow the cell to be used to measure accurate values for acidity constants in sea water. The results have also been interpreted to provide values for the acidity constant of the ion HSO4− in sea water.

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