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The Permian Extinction and the Tethys: an exercise in global geology

Author(s): Sengor AMC, Atayman S


The Tethyan realm stretches across the Old World from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans along the Alpine-Himalayan mountain ranges and extends into their fore- and hinterlands as far as the old continental margins of the now-vanished Tethyan oceans reached. It contains the Tethyside superorogenic complex, including the orogenic complexes of the Cimmerides and the Alpides, the products of the closure of the Paleo- and the Neo-Tethyan oceans, respectively. Paleo-Tethys was the oceanic realm that originated when the late Paleozoic Pangea was assembled by the final Uralide–Scythide–Hercynide–Great-Appalachide collisions. It was a composite ocean, i.e., not one formed by the rifting

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