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The pH of estuarine waters

Author(s): Millero FJ


The emf measurements for the TRIS buffer in seawater have been used to define buffer solutions that can be used to determine the pH on a free or total proton scale for estuarine waters. The pH is related to the stoichiometric dissociation constant (K*) of TRISH I-, the concentration of buffer (mTRrs) and salinity (5) by pH = pK* + (aS + bS2)mTRrs where a = -9.73 x 10e5 and b = 6.988 x 10-5. The values of pK* were fit to equations of the form pK*=AIT+B+ClogT where A, B, and C arc functions of salinity and T is the absolute temperature. An electrode system with liquid junction was used to measure these buffers to compare the various pH scales.

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