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Wave hindcast studies using SWAN nested in WAVEWATCH III- comparison with measured nearshore buoy data off Karwar, eastern Arabian Sea

Author(s): Amrutha MM, Sanil Kumar V, Sandhya KG, Balakrishnan Nair TM, Rathod JL


Waves in the nearshore waters (~15 m water-depth) of eastern Arabian Sea were simulated using SWAN nested in WAVEWATCH III (WW3) for the year 2014. The sensitivity of the numerical wave model WW3 towards different source term (ST) packages was tested. The performance of WW3 was evaluated with the measured deep water buoy data at 15.0000° N, 69.0000° E. Overall, the WW3 wave hindcast results using ST4 physics in deep water show a reasonable match (r=0.97 and SI=0.16) with the measured significant wave height (Hs).

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