Evaluation of seedling and adult plant resistance to leaf rust in European wheat cultivars

Author(s): Pathan AK, Park RF


A set of 105 European wheat cultivars, comprising 68 cultivars with known seedling resistance genes and 37 cultivars that had not been tested previously, was tested for resistance to selected Australian pathotypes of P. triticina in seedling greenhouse tests and adult plant field tests. Only 4% of the cultivars were susceptible at all growth stages. Twelve cultivars lacked detectable seedling resistance to leaf rust, and among the remaining cultivars, 10 designated genes were present either singly or in combination. Lr13 was the most frequently detected gene, present in 67 cultivars, followed by the rye-derived gene Lr26, present in 19 cultivars. Other genes present were Lr1, Lr3a, Lr3ka, Lr10, Lr14a, Lr17b, Lr20 and Lr37. There was evidence for unidentified seedling resistance in addition to known resistance genes in 11 cultivars. Field tests with known pathotypes of P. triticina demonstrated that 57% of the cultivars carried adult plant resistance (APR) to P. triticina. The genetic identity of the APR is largely unknown. Genetic studies on selected cultivars with unidentified seedling resistances as well as all of those identified to carry APR are required to determine the number and inheritance of the genes involved, to determine their relationships with previously designated rust resistance genes, and to assess their potential value in breeding for resistance to leaf rust.

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