Genetics of durable resistance to leaf rust and stripe rust of an Indian wheat cultivar HD2009

Author(s): Khanna R, Bansal UK, Saini RG


The Indian bread wheat cultivar HD2009 has maintained its partial resistance to leaf rust and stripe rust in India since its release in 1976. To examine the nature, number and mode of inheritance of its genes for partial leaf rust and stripe rust resistance, this cultivar was crossed with cultivar WL711, which is susceptible to leaf rust and stripe rust. The F1, F2, F3 and F5 generations from this cross were assessed separately for adult plant disease severity under artificial epidemic of race 77-5 of leaf rust and race 46S119 of stripe rust. Segregation for rust reaction in the F2, F3 and F5 generations indicated that resistance to each of these rust diseases is based on 2 genes, each with additive effects. Although the leaf rust resistance of HD2009 is similar in expression to that conferred by the gene Lr34, but unlike the wheats carrying this gene, cultivar HD2009 did not show leaf tip necrosis, a morphological marker believed to be tightly linked to the leaf rust resistance gene Lr34. Thus, the non-hypersensitive resistance of HD2009 was ascribed to genes other than Lr34.

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