Leaf tip necrosis, molecular markers and b1-proteasome subunits associated with the slow rusting resistance genes Lr46/Yr29

Author(s): Rosewarne GM, Singh RP, Huerta-Espino, J, William HM, Bouchet S, et al.


Resistance based on slow-rusting genes has proven to be a useful strategy to develop wheat cultivars with durable resistance to rust diseases in wheat. However this type of resistance is often difficult to incorporate into a single genetic background due to the polygenic and additive nature of the genes involved. Therefore, markers, both molecular and phenotypic, are useful tools to facilitate the use of this type of resistance in wheat breeding programs. We have used field assays to score for both leaf and yellow rust in an Avocet-YrA × Attila population that segregates for several slow-rusting leaf and yellow rust resistance genes. This population was analyzed with the AFLP technique and the slow-rusting resistance locus Lr46/Yr29 was identified. A common set of AFLP and SSR markers linked to the Lr46/Yr29 locus was identified and validated in other recombinant inbred families developed from single chromosome recombinant populations that segregated for Lr46. These populations segregated for leaf tip necrosis (LTN) in the field, a trait that had previously been associated with Lr34/Yr18. We show that LTN is also pleiotropic or closely linked to the Lr46/Yr29 locus and suggest that a new Ltn gene designation should be given to this locus, in addition to the one that already exists for Lr34/Yr18. Coincidentally, members of a small gene family encoding β-1 proteasome subunits located on group 1L and 7S chromosomes implicated in plant defense were linked to the Lr34/Yr18 and Lr46/Yr29 loci.

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