Microsatellite markers for genes Lr34/Yr18 and other quantitative trait loci for leaf rust and stripe rust resistance in bread wheat

Author(s): Suenaga K, Singh RP, Huerta-Espino J, William HM


ABSTRACT Leaf rust and stripe rust, caused by Puccinia triticina and P. striiformis, respectively, are important diseases of wheat in many countries. In this study we sought to identify molecular markers for adult plant resistance genes that could aid in incorporating such durable resistance into wheat. We used a doubled haploid population from a Japanese cv. Fukuho-komugi x Israeli wheat Oligoculm cross that had segregated for resistance to leaf rust and stripe rust in field trials. Joint and/or single-year analyses by composite interval mapping identified two quantitative trait loci (QTL) that reduced leaf rust severity and up to 11 and 7 QTLs that might have influenced stripe rust severity and infection type, respectively. Four common QTLs reduced stripe rust severity and infection type. Except for a QTL on chromosome 7DS, no common QTL for leaf rust and stripe rust was detected. QTL-7DS derived from 'Fukuho-komugi' had the largest effect on both leaf rust and stripe rust severities, possibly due to linked resistance genes Lr34/Yr18. The microsatellite locus Xgwm295.1, located almost at the peak of the likelihood ratio contours for both leaf and stripe rust severity, was closest to Lr34/Yr18. QTLs located on 1BL for leaf rust severity and 3BS for stripe rust infection type were derived from 'Oligoculm' and considered to be due to genes Lr46 and Yr30, respectively. Most of the remaining QTLs for stripe rust severity or infection type had smaller effects. Our results indicate there is significant diversity for genes that have minor effects on stripe rust resistance, and that successful detection of these QTLs by molecular markers should be helpful both for characterizing wheat genotypes effectively and combining such resistance genes.

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