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Attachment and interpersonal distress: examining the relationship between attachment styles and interpersonal problems in a clinical population

Author(s): Haggerty G, Hilsenroth MJ, Vala-Stewart R


The present study examined the relationship between self-perceived attachment styles and interpersonal problems. Specifically, we utilized a clinical sample from an outpatient university-based community clinic who completed the Experiences in Close Relationships Scale-Revised, the Relationship Questionnaire and Inventory of Interpersonal Problems Circumplex Scales (IIP-64) as part of a psychological assessment process. The results showed a significant positive correlation between the IIP-64 total score and both attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance. Findings revealed significant negative relationships between a secure attachment and the dominant, vindictive, cold, socially inhibited and non-assertive subscales of the IIP-64. Findings also revealed a significant positive relationship between a fearful attachment and the dominant, vindictive, cold, socially inhibited and non-assertive subscales of the IIP-64. Finally, results showed a significant relationship between a dismissive attachment and the dominant subscale of the IIP-64. 

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